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Chanakan Gallery was founded in 2020 by Chanakan.This website will show the work from Chanakan as a gallery of his images.Hope you all enjoy it and Thank you for visiting Chanakan-Gallery

About Me

Chanakan Boonsungnoen, born in 1999

Hi! I'm Chanakan, from Thailand but now based in Switzerland. I'm a student from one of the business schools in Zürich. I’m an amateur wildlife photographer with a big passion for learning, observing and documenting wildlife.

Basically, I have enjoyed observing and learning about animals and nature since I was probably ten years old. I read a lot of animal comics and books; I always watch animal documentaries.

However, for many reasons, for a while until 2020, I have not been interested in wildlife anymore (I mean, I still did but didn’t study or learn anything about them). Then, that summer, I went to Camargue (France) with my partner and saw thousands of flamingos in fundamental nature. That moment brought me back to when I was a kid and made me realize again that this is a true passion for me; this is genuinely interesting, and this is what I have wanted to do since I was a kid.


I need to photograph them and get some footage of them!


Last year, we went back to Camargue again, and I got much excitement about photographing birds and wild animals that I might find there. So here are some of the first results with (yet) zero knowledge about wildlife photography.

And since then, I have developed myself and entirely turned myself into an amateur wildlife photographer and practised more and more.



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